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Autophagy and Detoxification

3 Modules

Module 1: Introduction & Definitions

Welcome to Module One: Introduction & Definitions, part of Levitas Academy's cutting-edge course on autophagy, detoxification, and weight management. In this foundational module, we'll delve into the fundamental concepts that underpin these crucial aspects of health and wellbeing.

Module 2: The NoMAD Plan and Clinical Application

Welcome to Module Two: This module delves into the clinical implications and applications of autophagy and fasting, exploring how these biological processes can be harnessed for therapeutic benefits. This module will equip you with the tools to use this in clinic. 

Module 3: Case Studies

In this module we will explore our case studies. All case studies have been anonymised but are based on real patients of Levitas Clinic.

Modules for this product 3
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 Autophagy and Detoxification
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