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Embark on an enlightening journey with Levitas by diving into our complimentary mini-training,

'Meet The Levitas Academy' and 'The 11 Hallmarks of Aging: A Gateway to Optimising Human Wellbeing.'

Module One covers our mission at the Levitas Academy as well as our educational philosophy, and the unique learning opportunities we provide. Dive into this module to understand how Levitas Academy stands at the forefront of medical education in longevity medicine, and how it can profoundly impact your professional growth and patient care. 

Module Two is a special opportunity for medical professionals like you to begin your expertise in the burgeoning field of longevity medicine.
This training is intricately designed to provide a foundational understanding of the cellular and molecular processes that characterise ageing, it's an excellent primer to the field and a preview of the structured and advanced learning that awaits you in further Academy modules. 

In just 20 minutes, this mini-training will equip you with the following:

  • Discover who we are at The Levitas Academy and our mission in longevity medicine
  • A comprehensive introduction to the three primary categories of ageing hallmarks
  • An in-depth exploration of the 11 hallmarks, enriching your grasp of their influence on cellular functionality
  • Insightful discussions on the clinical and wellness ramifications associated with these hallmarks
  • A practical consolidation of your newfound knowledge through an engaging case study scenario

2 Modules

Meet The Levitas Academy

Your Gateway to Advanced Medical Knowledge;

Module 1 invites doctors and practitioners to explore the cutting-edge world of Levitas Academy, a premier training institution dedicated to the latest in medical science and longevity medicine. Uncover our unique approach to medical education, our comprehensive curriculum, and the dynamic learning environment we offer.

This module is your first step into a world where medical expertise meets innovation, empowering you to excel in your practice and transform patient care.

The 12 Hallmarks of Ageing

Your Gateway to Advanced Medical Knowledge;

Module 2 beckons doctors and practitioners to delve deeper into the world of longevity medicine with The Levitas Academy. This module offers a detailed exploration of the key biological processes that drive ageing. Gain a comprehensive understanding of these hallmarks, their impact on cellular function, and their implications in clinical practice.

Serving a critical step in your journey, this module bridges fundamental concepts with advanced medical insights. It empowers you to integrate this knowledge into your practice, enhancing patient care with a deeper understanding of ageing and its effects on health.

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